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jujuclark replied to your post: SWAT is on now, and later The Town will be on.

I can’t watch the Town seriously because I come from Boston.

Is it more the accents or the portrayal in general? I only ask because I’ve been to Boston a few times and have some family you there and even I can’t take the accents seriously, but you live there so you may have different feelings.

I just side eye the fuck out of it for most of the movie. But then arms and face happen, so I can push those thoughts away.

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  1. buckyy-barness said: Hahhaa its the accents all the way, other than that its all Jeremy who actually is an amazing actor so he is good.
  2. jeremyrennersfineass said: Ben’s accent is real, but Renner’s is just ok. It’s just really tough to nail that accent unless you grew up there (I did).
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